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ADLINK Technology
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ADLINK's DDS-based TSS Software is Aligned to the FACE Technical Standard for the Aviation Sector - News

December 18, 2018
SAN JOSE, Calif. ADLINK has developed its Vortex DDS implementation as a reference to align to the FACE Technical Standard Edition 2.1.1 TSS, using DDS as the underlying transport layer. This is fully compatible and interoperable with the commercially supported Vortex OpenSpliceTM V6.10 solution.

Data-to-decision: Fueling netcentric defense solutions with the IIoT and fog computing - Story

February 14, 2018
In today's defense arena, traditional tactics using large, fixed systems no longer suffice. A deployed naval strike group might find itself needing to quickly integrate its data systems with those of on-site allies - some of which may be many years older - and process data with these combined platforms in real time. We are now in the era of the industrial internet of things (IIoT), and those who make the most flexible, intelligent use of the data streaming in from a dizzying array of clients have the advantage.

OpenSlice enables shared data between operating systems, platforms - Product

November 13, 2017
Vortex OpenSplice from PrismTech, an ADLINK company, is a commercial and open source implementation of the Object Management Group's Data Distribution Service (OMG DDS) standard. Vortex OpenSplice enables data to be shared and integrated across a wide spectrum of operating systems and pla...

VPX evolution drives ever greater capabilities - Story

April 20, 2017
As VPX completes its first decade since ratification, it is clear this standard is here for the long haul. A healthy competitive marketplace has driven product adoption in actual programs, which have been proven in real combat operations. However, the true strength of VPX is its continuing evolution to keep pace with technological advancements.